Art Classes 

Learn!     Explore!     Create!     Get Messy!     Grow!

Art Sparks classes provide rich art experiences for children ages 2 - 14  years.  


At Art Sparks children get to explore a variety of media such as acrylics, collage, watercolors, pastels, crayons, printmaking, sculpture, photography, colored pencils, clay and much more. 


Children enrolled in Art Sparks classes will acquire the language of art making, developing a true “artist’s” vocabulary as, over time, they become familiar with the materials, tools, techniques, styles, artists, and artistic movements of the world of art - all within the spirit of a no-pressure approach, learning to reflect about the art-making process, embracing “mistakes” as a chance for learning and discovery and most of all - joy!


We strive to help nurture a passion for creating art — allowing the students to discover their creativity through a natural curiosity and an enjoyable experience. 



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Art Sparks

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